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What will happen to this card, as you won it in storyline objectives, he's now transferred to Napoli, will we have to do the objective again or buy the new upgraded card


  • Wi1son73
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    It’s not a storyline card..
  • It's get an upgrade of you look on the loading screen of fut mate
  • Dnozulu
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    So we don't have to buy it or play for it again. Nice he will be a good upgrade
  • Hamzy_LFC
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    Prepare for near impossible objectives for his upgrade...
  • truegunn3r
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    The original storyline card will be required to get the new one because EA clearly said to keep hold of it for a potential further upgrade.

    Only one of three ways for us to get the new one:

    - We will either be required to submit our Storyline Politano in an SBC.
    - We will be required to complete certain objectives/milestones with our Storyline Politano.
    - Our Storyline Politano will just automatically update (very doubtful).

    Also EA may remove the original Politano Milestone so if you haven’t don’t it the tough!
  • Dnozulu
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    We have already done enough grinding to earn the upgraded version
  • spy
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    86 squad SBC including 87 Politano probably 😟
  • I can't see the upgrade being massive tbh, the image shows his pace as 93 which is only a +2
  • spy
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    Will Trossard and the other league players also be upgraded at the same time or will we have to wait for those?
  • Dnozulu
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    If EA make it tricky I'm done with this fifa 20
  • 15 lobbed thru balls in rival wins for a plus 1 upgrade.
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