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disgusting balancing system..

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EA , We are spending money in your game , we put effort and time to get the best team that we can get , and at the end , someone with a team price less than your keeper price, destroy our teams . I can’t believe there is nothing called balancing system in your game , because why my team play in it state at the last 10 min ? . Is it about money or about creating a good game . No way , the game is so trash . The game is all about find the most broken mechanic and keep spamming it , same thing in 19 happened in 20 . also formation and broken custom tactics, a football manager game , it’s all about the luck if you got a game with a player your formation is the more dominant than his , you will win . You created an amazing dribbling system but yet nothing happened for defending. I don’t know what to say but you days almost done with me . unfortunately I bought a product far from what I saw in your trailer, timing tackle you guys say , time tackle my ❤️❤️❤️❤️


  • Orison
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    So do you want pay2win or do you not want pay2win?

    We can't have both.

    I much prefer pay2win being less of a thing this year. Icon swaps would be even more painful if it was as extreme as last year.
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