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next promo?

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edited February 11
So after FS, what's next? I don't count winter refresh, because they are just regular cards with dissapointing upgrades (beside week foot or skill moves upgrade).

If I'm correct, there's nothing before Carnibal early March, and Fut birthday last week of March.


  • SweetJesus101
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    winter otw
  • Denz
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    edited February 11
    Winter otw is always a bit dead but ea seem to like it. Will probably be an sbc for any otw player in addition to one for the winter otw only.

    People will still do them, despite no one actually wanting any of the cards.

    There will also be a moments promo, doubt it will just get dropped into packs with no fanfare. Sure that's mid Feb.
  • Lfc23
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    Probs worth stocking up on 83’s for otw sbc everyone will want that Haland card

    Rest of players won’t be worth it but will still make a lot of coins
  • DaMMian
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    I have no idea but I hope that in ea work people who every year can invent new events and not repeat the same
  • Daddy
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    Prime icon moments this friday i believe
  • Staxdoobie
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    Has anyone else never packed a promo card? I don't mean during Festival of FUT or the batches they released at the end of 19, where they were chucking them at us. I mean during the actual first run of the promotion.
  • Daddy
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    I did get rttf sancho and some informs, none of the crazy ones
  • FijiBoy
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    Would be Carniball in March
    Fut birthday by March 20 something till March end probably
    April end is TOTS i guess

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