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Rivals become a mode to stop people doing objective.....

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I used to be in Division 6,7... because of doing Oisehman and Odegaard objective, i lost until at Division 8. I did not lost purposely, i played my game out and Still, it become harder and whole game high pressing with WL team. Clearly they are not using objective players and not doing objective, they are there to stop people doing objectives.... what a toxic way to enjoy...


  • RileyD
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    They're literally just playing the game, pipe down Cupcake.
  • Gromit
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    RileyD wrote: »
    They're literally just playing the game, pipe down Cupcake.

    This, we can't help it, you can't expect people to gift you wins, lobbed passes, assists. As nice as it would be.

    I did James as it was offline and easy, but those other two look way too frustrating to complete.
  • DannySTFC
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    Woah, wait a minute, people playing Fifa trying to win? No way
  • Queens11
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    So should people just lie down and let u do objectives it’s more likely they are absolutely frustrated because they cannot get a normal 90 min game during the week as everyone doing objectives
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