The market is broken (Pic)

The market is broken
This is repeated again, as in the past year.
The market is broken.
When you enter the market, you constantly see the same number of items. It does not change. There is only hesitation.
This is the number of 350-360k items

But we all know that on the market at night this figure should be 180-200k, for example
And in the evening, when promo packs open - 400k + items

Now the market is broken.
And no one cares about it


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    🤣 soon you won't care aswell. please complain about something else there's so many options and good topics to choose from.
  • Cornushon
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    It's been like that since forever... Idk what your point is. More players on consoles, and if we would not have cheaters on PCarket would be even more broken, as less items were there
  • Screenshot-142.png

    Please fix it
    This has not changed for more than one month. The market used to change, but now it’s frozen

    It does not fall below 350k and does not rise above 360k.
    Night, morning, day, evening - the same.
    Is there a promo or not. Open packs or not.
    Nothing changes
  • Swanz05
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    When you enter the market, you constantly see the same number of items. It does not change.

    Noticed this too. It's only changed in the last few weeks & is a nuisance, at least to me. Not living in Europe/GB I used it as a rough gauge of how many people were trading. At low trading time on xbox it used to go as low as 600k & as high as 2 mil+. Can only assume EA's done it in a further attempt to discourage trading. Either that or they're looking to save face by not showing how low it really goes.
  • Eyeball
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    I wonder if someone at EA didn't like that was publicly tracking the number of active auctions? Here is the latest PC auctions graph from


    Notice how the number of auctions is virtually static after the 30th of January. It's the same on the Xbox and Playstation graphs.
  • Hurrah! They fixed it!
    We waited 2 months!
  • Swanz05
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    Yeah it's back. Won't ask why.
  • This is the problem in PC . the market is not enough
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