No lose glitch! :(

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I don't know why this problem still cannot be solved, but it is really annoying.

While I was winning in two of my first 3 Fut Campions matches, my opponent rage quit but these matches were not counted as wins and I have still 29 games. We were at 90. minutes in one of these matches. What a waste of time! :(


Is there a way that we can report these cheaters? Even if this problem cannot be solved, at least those who do this cheat must be banned.


  • barslan
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    Unfortunately, again, my opponent has quit just before I use the penalty kick in the extra time but this match not counted as a win or loss.

    I texted my opponent that "I will report you for (no loss glitch) cheating!"

    And my opponent replied me that : "Hahaha ha ha!"
  • TDOF
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    They know

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