Squad Battles Lag

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Since this current season released, so roughly a week, i have definitely noticed lag when playing squad battles. Its not extreme, but enough to make your players feel slow, so that most skill moves dont register and just generaly ruin the experience.

Are there seperate servers for squad battles? Are there many more people playing squad battles than normal because of icon swap and future star player objectives? I dont expect EA to do anything about it because they already have our money and they obviously dont care but i am curious why it has become so bad this last week.


  • joehuk
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    i've noticed terrible squad battle games since FS James released (All objectives squad battle related)

    makes me think two things.

    1. Servers Overloaded with people doing this objective.
    2. EA Manipulate sliders to make our team perform worse - making objectives harder.
  • baerentoeterR
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    Thats true, EA is making those Stuff till Years now. You cant win if they dont want. There is no Game outside, which causes more headaches and stuff. Even on Liveevents at the Esport-Area, the Servers are breaking down. This just shows how trash EA is.
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  • Wi1son73
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    Lag heavily delay button not registering commands, force field when the ball is the air and my player is closest!!!
    Very slow sluggish gameplay, bugs glitches like this below!
    Why people consistently praise this game is beyond me!! Every day is the same ❤️❤️❤️❤️!! Your looking to get a few games that is decent out of these horrible conditions

  • DVU
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    Its still terrible. Ive had enough of it. Is it going to be like this for the whole of this season?

    This game has always had its problems, and i know the guys who play weekend league have always had issues with lag but as far as squad battles go it was general stable lag wise until recently. I have no faith anything will change so is this it for the rest of the cycle now? Why would i buy the next Fifa?
  • wiking76
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    battle mode is full of issues and ea not cares about this
    every year we say this but they don't listen the feedback
  • Hi All.

    Had this issue. Fixed by:

    1. Repair game in origin
    2. Go to settings in the pre game pop up thingy (the one that says, play, settings etc).
    3. Go to audio, deselected voice.

    Problem solved for me.
  • wiking76
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    i don't think that the gameplay issues, the scripted games issues can be resolved by reparing game
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