Anyone used Maradona 95?

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Need a new striker was thinking messi but don’t want to faff about with my team to get him in. Looking at Maradona he looks pretty good and with him being up top on stay forward surely his 75 stamina isn’t A problem. Anyone here used him and can confirm if his a good striker


  • madwullie
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    I used him as a cm. He's sooooooo much fun. Not sure I'd play him on his own up top as the wf is a bit limiting and predictable, but as part of a two he'd be excellent imo
  • Wonderfulwest
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    That’s very promising to here, I play 4411 as I play 94 zidane at cf due to his low stamina and works wonders. My striker mainly scores on break aways so surely his lethal shot would would finish most if not all one on ones

    Gotta be an upgrade on Prime Wright
  • Jimb0d
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    I play him cam but he can do a job at striker. Very strong on the ball, can accelerate from his first touch when dribbling and runs in behind often. Weak foot is not a problem as crosses, chip shots and near post finishes still find the mark.
  • BadSeedsFC
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    Haven't used him. But I wouldn't recommend him. I heard that he throws the most bizarre parties in the dressing room. A lot of drugs and socialist dictators in the mix. Definitely not a good influence for the club.
  • Grub
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    I have him he outperforms the better players in my team
  • Guvnor
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    He’s a 95 rated 5ft5” player meta as can be, who has one of the best left foots in the game! 🤦🏽‍♂️, just pick him up and give him a go. You won’t lose much if you decide to sell.
  • Wonderfulwest
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    He is very clinical and I’ve managed some absolute worldies with him too. Not sure his worth 1.7m tho only played 5 games
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