icon objectives like Odegaard and James

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Would love to see in fifa 21 icon objectives to be like the recent Odegaard and James ones.
Work all the way through with long term objectives across the various modes to first earn the base icon, then mid, prime and then even more with all 3 and then to submit all 3 for the prime moment one.

Can stagger the timing like they have swaps for obvious reasons as clearly don't want anyone having prime moments from well week 2 but yes can then get as many as possible of each version with obviously many different requirements for each one.


  • rmoxon
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    It’s a good idea.

    The problem is that they would have to make the objectives very challenging, because it’s giving you every version of an icon, and that would mean that most people would complain because the majority of people don’t like to be challenged.
  • Andyh60
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    but really even to say get prime yes prime icon of say Lineker from this set of swaps was hardly a "gruesome" challenge. To have had those same requirements (ok based more around England (all 3-4) , Leicester (base), barca/spurs(mid), everton (prime) ) to say earn say both his base and then mid I'd have settled for let alone say half the amount again to get prime. Then whatever more (subset of all the above) to earn his PIM + yes to then submit all 3 versions into sbc.

    Ok could try and be more clever for likes of well bergkamp, vieria, henry, overmars, campbell to get bases before doing any for the obvious arsenal requirements needed (as yes could use all at once so to speak) etc etc etc etc

    Yet imagine this for them all, just too good to be true to be honest.
  • Denz
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    It would be really cool if every card was upgradeable through objectives, the higher the rating the harder the objective becomes.

    Or if even you get to pick a card at the start of the game, lower rated but through the year can upgrade him to even tots type stats by the end of the year.

    There a lot of potential with it and its clearly something they will do more of. Not to the extent of my first suggestion though as they aren't taking a hit to income just for the fun of the game.
  • DFC1983
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    Every so often I would like to see a Max. 1 nation or club objective in Rivals. Might make it more interesting for that time.
  • Wasn't this the plan for the league players like politano this year? Look how well ea have done with that.
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