AI Defending and ball retention

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How do you manual defenders deal with this ?

Every time I tackle someone they gain the ball straight back.

I player someone earlier, running down the wing and their player slid as the same time I did a Berba spin. Whilst on the floor their defender managed to slide backward to take the off my player, get up and play the ball away.

I refuse to use AI defending as I don’t see any fun in letting the AI play the majority of the game for me. The would be like me leaving the house to go to work and my mother still holding my hand to cross the road.

It’s just frustrating to see almost every player I get matched up against using AI so heavily.

So, how to you manage to break these AI abusers?


  • malky
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    Just keep playing your game mate.....the goals will come👍
  • Benja190782
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    I use manual jockey and are trying to avoid putting in a standing tackle unless I’m 110% sure to put a foot in and hit my opponents attacker.

    I mostly use LT/L2 to push them off the ball.

    I know it’s weird especially as EA actually sold this game on “new improved tackling system”.
    It’s all back to FIFA 19 bounce ball when you tackle.

    It’s a football game where a tackle is the last thing you should do. Odd yes but true...
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