Gameplay since last Friday

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What the actual ❤️❤️❤️❤️ is wrong with the game since last Friday ?

WL was awful, as 50% of them, but since that date I can't even describe the button delay I have.

Went from Div 2 and 1750 to 1550 by playing all in all 8 rivals games. Lost 7 and drew 1.

Gameplay is so pathetic. I can't register a first touch fake shot. they will control the ball, and ONLY THEN make the fake shot. 50% of the time, my direct passes will not go through, as players will again control first and then pass, ruining the move.

There are less and less players playing this crappy game, yet it's worse and worse as far as servers are concerned.

Also, on a side note, I am really struggling to having ANY fun since the last patch. Bored in February, while I usually quit in April. This year is the worst ever imo.


  • atheistsw
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    Played 5 games in Rivals tonight trying to do EPL Icon Swaps objectives, might as well have played with 11 bronze goalkeepers, delay and response time is a ******* disgrace! Of course, my opponents all seem unaffected...
  • Vaughanster88
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    I am fed up of moaning about it. The game is so slow at the moment it's literally taking over 25 mins to play a single game. There is no visible difference at the moment when you try and sprint except from it disables any other button command
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