86 IF haaland!! Anyone got him?

Want to buy him for my team but hes never on the market! Anyone willing to sell please?


  • ChappellRovers
    3069 posts National Call-Up
    Just keep checking. Apparently he has a future stars incoming tomorrow so he may be relisted then. I knew of 3 on my discord group that sold for max price during the week he was released.
  • Thanks, I've got a good bundesliga team coming because of some lucky packs but I need him for a ST and i only ever find his 84 rated card which is when he was at Salzburg but thanks again I'll keep checking just incase he gets a future stars card👍
  • ChappellRovers
    3069 posts National Call-Up
    He got a future stars card dunno if you’ve had any luck getting his IF?
  • Not at the moment there seems to be more of his 84 rated card but no 86 IF card yet but gonna keep checking😂
  • cz3
    33 posts Last Pick at the Park
    I never see his future star card in the market :(
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