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NA Club Looking for CDM - XB1

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FC Smoke Green is looking to add a deep lying holding midfielder. Right now we’re sitting at 25-2-2 on our current club, and will be looking to make a push back into division 1. We’re all in our mid 20’s and have been playing pro clubs together for 5+ years.

We play a very possession based / tiki taka style of play utilizing attacking wingbacks in the 5-2-1-2 formation. We typically hold 60-65% possession in matches and play very patiently. We never cross and will always play the short pass on the floor. As a result the CDM will be expected to provide a safe ‘recycle’ option, and must be comfortable passing quickly under pressure.

We’re looking for someone who prides their game on positioning, preventing counter attacks and starting the build up. Not looking for someone with their finger glued to RT bombing up the pitch. Ideally the DM in this system should be comfortable being expected to make 30-40 passes per game and will be an integral part of the build up process.

Club typically plays most evenings after 7pm PST. We like to play with 4-6 players so the pitch doesn’t feel too crowded, and we always use an ANY.

If you’re interested send me a message at Suffxr on Xbox Live.
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