Inconsistent Web app market results

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I know that there are certain limitations this year (e.g. if you select "Compare price" - basically you must search again) that weren't around last year, but why market results are not complete?

For example, if you select any price range and that's the only filter, you will get either items with inconsistent time frame (e.g. jumping from 43 minutes left to 3 hours without any card in between) or only special cards (like there are no NIF cards between 100 and 200k). Furthermore, if you do another search with the same filter in only 10 secs, you will get different results. The more dangerous (coin wise) situation is when you compare price for a card that you do not monitor prices, realize that there are only a few items being sold for 100-120 k and then you search again in 10 secs and suddenly you get like 5-10 cards being sold for 70-80k (with 20-40 mins left for bids).

This makes Web app unreliable, aside from the fact that this year seems impossible to bid more than 2-3 times, before the app prevents you from bidding more. Too many times were certain cards won by low prices while you are unable to bid. Is this intentional, thus making the Web app only informative or just a bug.

So, either EA is able to do something about it or it is better just to quit using Web App. By the way, I'm using the app on Android phone and tablet and on PC. Haven't notice any differences regarding this.


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