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Your Super Subs?

1183 posts Professional
edited February 5
I am currently at DR 6, WL G3
And i just found out that my poor super subs are grinded cards (free from EA) or Cheap SBC....
1) Ziyech Moment - always sub him in CAM and when opponent was high pressing tired, he will dribble through middle and shot using left foot at near post.
2) Orsic Headliner - again, he just sub into LW to run and shot...
3) Kent - Same, sub into RW the run and dribble ....

I can imagine in future, Future Star - James and Odegaard will be my super sub also.... Hey, is all free, thanks EA.

Oh, one thing, this is coming from none FP spender with no luck in getting meta cards from rewards. I guess this year EA did lower the packs for non FP player but giving us usable card to play the game.


  • ChiTownWhat27
    68 posts Park Captain
    HL Adama
    HL Orsic
    Storyline Perisic
    Storyline Aouar

    Depending on the game it’s a combination of these guys.
  • MUFC_420
    2402 posts Fans' Favourite
    HL Adama
    OTW Promes
    Base Pep
    Scream Pique
  • Jpo41
    1597 posts Play-Off Hero
    HL Orsic
    TOTYN Firmino
    PM Ziyech
    1534 posts Play-Off Hero
    HL Traore
    Futmas Simon
    POTM Auba
    OTW Promes
    NIF Dembele

    I love them all
  • Ben
    3930 posts National Call-Up
    Futmas renato sanches
    Rttf Mbabu
  • Gnomenclature
    5077 posts Big Money Move
    Potm Josef
    HL Adama
    Sbc battaglia

  • Professor
    2198 posts Fans' Favourite
    Totgs Sterling, Dembele and IF Son

    I also have Futmas Atal who I play at CDM, RM/LM, or wide CAM and fullback.
  • razor_ro
    493 posts An Exciting Prospect
    NIF Dembele, Moments Jovic or NIF Griezman and NIF Sissoko or FUTMAS Vidal
  • Forca-Barca
    3452 posts National Call-Up
    Toty Messi/ 2IF Mbappe / HL Neymar
  • Rickayt
    832 posts Semi-Pro
    HL Adama - Moving James into my first team
    RTTF Kent
  • alvchong
    1183 posts Professional
    Toty Messi/ 2IF Mbappe / HL Neymar

    I thot they are all starting 11? luxury super sub.... man....
  • Sean123_
    251 posts Sunday League Hero
    83 red Adama
    NIF dembele
    87 Felipe Anderson
  • FijiBoy
    1065 posts Professional
    NIF Rashford
    Objectives Politano
    FB Villa
    De Jong
  • JoyW
    2614 posts Fans' Favourite
    Untradeable CR7, wanted him in the starting eleven but suprises my opponent around the 60th minute to win close games and use his strength.

    Walker for Carvajal if my opponent is a pace abuser.

    And sometimes Orsic, FB Paulinho or Promes. Or one for the objectives like Odegaard or James now.
  • aladdin
    1416 posts Professional
    lucas moura. what a card
  • Fatmanc
    1295 posts Professional
    I have a bucket load of SBC super subs
    Di maria, Iniesta, Cazorla, orslic,, OTW promes, Schweinsteiger, the list goes on n on

    but my best 3 are IF WBY, POTM Auba and RTTF Kent
  • swfcfan89
    1043 posts Professional
    Flashback Valbuena. Also moments Jovic and objectives Caceres have been getting subbed on during Icons swaps, they'd be starters otherwise.
  • BadSeedsFC
    951 posts Semi-Pro
    edited February 5
    POTM Vela for LCAM o RCAM
    NIF Agüero of FB Costa for ST (depending on the type of opponent I'm facing)
    Futmas Cazorla for CM

    And that's about it. I'm tempted to complete this kid Daniel James just for fun. But I don't tend to use the sprint button a lot when attacking, so I don't know if he would be useful.

    Keep it restaurant ⚡
  • cantonagod
    607 posts An Exciting Prospect
    HL Adama subbed on for Pogba after 70 mins. Moments Bernardo Silva moved to CAM and Adama to his RW position. The extra pace in both positions CAM and RW generally has an impact late on
  • Bakudu76
    1924 posts Play-Off Hero
    Messi Baby Ronaldo and Baby Dalglish when doing league players.

    Felipe Anderson Orsic Politano if I'm playing regularly
  • iamnotamaniamcantona
    573 posts An Exciting Prospect
    TOTGS Benzema.....has a quite a few cameo goals for me

    but my favourite super subs are these two....


    If I get any serial replay watching, dabbing, Vardy owners who feel it necessary to do a full pause if they go ahead at any stage...

    I bring them on in midfield and play one twos (doesnt work so well with Derek Rae but if you do it right with Tyler on commentary you can get an "AYEW..KOCH")...

    only for those who really deserve it (but "simple things" kids..."simple things") :)
  • Snoopcousins
    281 posts Sunday League Hero
    Villabra, Shevchenko and Foryth
  • Al_HFX
    358 posts Sunday League Hero
    Futmas Acuna, Storyline Aouar as CMs
    Down the wings HL Orsic, RTTF Kent, RTTF Bolasie
    CAM/ST Storyline Perisic, FB Valbuena, EOE Villa
  • Dragon0102
    177 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Even his NIF is a game changer.
  • sturges12345
    3521 posts National Call-Up
    I don’t have one
  • Zalisis
    54 posts Park Captain
    Vela POTM - don't think I've ever seen him used by anyone else, and he's brilliant across midfield or attack for me, the amount of late winners he gets is crazy
    Corona RTTF
    Recently, Plea HL, great all rounder
    Bolasie RTTF
    And, if I need to tighten things up, Tomiyasu. He slots into defense, and Zanetti moves into midfield either as a stay back CM or come back on defence wide midfielder.
  • Goatiano_Goataldo
    190 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    edited February 6
    HL Adama
    Rttf Kent
    FB Paulinho
    Otw AWB
  • ASX
    2670 posts Fans' Favourite
    League SBC Aguirregaray
    League SBC Tonali
    Storyline Oxlade-Chaimberlain
    Storyline Anderson
    88 FUTchamps Insigne
    Moments Silva
    Flashback Villa
  • Tboon
    2938 posts National Call-Up
    HL Adama
    If WBY
    FB Balotelli
  • limjitwe
    7445 posts League Winner
    Moments Sane
    POTM Ben Yedder
    Prime Hagi
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