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i write from Italy... good evening everyone/@EA_Roger I bought FIFA 20 but the ultimate difficulty (career mode) is unplayable (AI players who run like crazy, every shot is a goal .... it's surreal). the old ultimate was perfect .... only a more effective AI defense was needed ... just that. thanks in advance if you send this feed to the developers. thank you


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    try it :D
  • corry2002
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    I'm confident
  • Batman442
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    Your not good enough too win on the hardest level so you complain.. makes sense
  • glynnerm
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    I have been playing fifa since its inception, I'm good, not a pro, but it is demoralising when you limit the CPU to two shots on goal and both go in, yes sometimes happens but its when a centre back scores like a world class striker when it gets irritating.

    I win 50% of my games but find that I need to score at least two if not three goals to win a game everytime. Would agree with corry2002, ultimate level was good in previous updates, but the physical strength, stamina and clinicalness of the CPU is way overpowered since the last update, please @EA_Andy address this in the next update.
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    thks glynnerm....same analysis
    @EA_Andy retired
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    Batman442 wrote: »
    Your not good enough too win on the hardest level so you complain.. makes sense

    I thought long and hard, if I should respond to your post and after 4 hours I decided to.

    It’s not that most of the people (me included) that are complaining about the difficulty of the "new and improved ultimate mode" are not good enough, the changes EA made are plain stupid and make it unplayable.

    In my case I was unbeaten since 2014 "legendary mode" until the brought "ultimate mode" into CM of FIFA 2019. In legendary mode I won the each game by at least 10 goals. After changing to ultimate mode I still won the league 34-0 with a GD of 340-14.

    I think it’s not the point that I was not good enough, perhaps I'm not good enough to play in the new "Über God Mode". And I like to play with the pass assistant (because it’s hard for me to use all the fingers at the same time), but the assistants is available so its not the point that I and perhaps a lot of other players are using them.

    The problem with making it harder is not simply fixed by just improving the AI players in each state by +n. That’s just plain stupid. Even in a game that should be harder a player like Sane (Speed 96) should be able to sprint away from a defender like Suzi (Speed 64).
    The AI should not be able to tackle thru you and win every tackle. These are stupid "improvements". If I won’t to get slaughters, I would play in real football team (Age 52 two damaged knees and almost 0 stamina).

    Most of use wanted to AI and/or our CPU players to make better decisions, play more intelligent but we certainly did not want an "Über Mode" AI Killing machine.

    And if you think you are so much better then all of use here:
    • make a Video
    • play against a good team
    • show use the settings in the video
    • upload to YT and post the link here.

    So that you can prove use all wrong. I currently found now video, in which anybody with the 50-50 settings came even close to good game against the CPU. So please prove use all wrong and show us how good you are and what losers we all are.
  • Totally agree, and I have to admit, I was having a bad day already and I broke the controller in frustration :disappointed:
  • ac2007milan
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    Batman442 wrote: »
    Your not good enough too win on the hardest level so you complain.. makes sense

    Ultimate is not hard just they dont know how to play well
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    Don't feed the troll people. This guy has done this before. I used to win Division one on FUT and win around 70% of my games. Ultimate is hard and not fun at all. It's the fact that they clearly boost CPU players physical attributes that makes it unrealistic.
  • Aare
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    @EaSports @EASPORTSFIFA ... all my life I play only one game which is FIFA. The ultimate level is stupid and dumbest thing in the world. How can players like zouma score goals that can’t be explain dribble and run that fast. I will not be buying FIFA 2021 If this error is not rectify. Abeg I Dey beg una make I no Dey waste money.. $100 for a disc in my country and it’s a waste ? That’s my take home salary. And finally turns out I’ve been scammed by you people
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