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As a fan of not only football, but of FIFA on a whole, I am disgusted with this game. But not to the point that I rage over what is going on. Instead I am generally, highly... disappointed.

From the moment FIFA 20 came out, there have been numerous complaints. Thousands of fans swarmed social media to voice their opinions of the game. Granted it was early so there would always be patches. But then.. the patches came and made the game worse. And it was not just one time. Each patch consistently made the game more and more disappointing. I must give EA credit in staying consistent with their terrible updates however. Kudos to you on that.At least you are making it known to us that you could give a rat's left walnut about whether or not we enjoy this game.

The game has literally become unplayable. Unplayable. The "update" to Ultimate Difficulty was literally the last straw for TOO MANY career mode players. The game has literally been broken because of this. Now I know this is a very late post in discussing the patch, but from what I read, everyone spoke about how unplayable it is. And yes it is unplayable. Every AI has 99 on every stat. And your players have 30 or below. They move slow. React slow. Pass and shoot slow. But that's not even the worse part for me. The biggest disappointment for me is how unwatchable the game is on Ultimate difficulty. Literally sitting there and WATCHING the AI move is unsightly.

The players have utterly ridiculous speed. I for one would like realism in that my player with 92 Sprint Speed and 90 Acceleration can outrun the 36 year old CB with 45 Sprint Speed and 38 Acceleration. And YES this is literally stats that I had to double check in the middle of a match the first time I played the new Ultimate difficulty. Both players started on zero movement (because the movement in the game is complete trash now) and somehow this 36 year old CB with the speed of a one legged rabbit, has simply demolished my young player in a foot race. How can that even be considered a fix? I would understand if the CB had better positioning and reaction time so that he could intercept the through ball early or have a better positioning so that he can stop the play. That Ii would understand. But no. No. He flat out demolished my player in a foot race and took the ball, spun around and passed it like my player wasn't also competing for that ball. It is trash. I played that game and tried the through ball several times and EVERY SINGLE TIME I was outran, completely muscled off the ball in the most dramatic fashion, or he would slide tackle me with such pin point accuracy, that he would start from ft out, slide, pass through my legs and get the ball, ALL WITHOUT TOUCHING MY PLAYER UNTIL HE WON THE BALL. They go straight through my players and there will be NO contact whatsoever until they have won the ball. Then my player dramatically falls to the floor and now I am down one player, because the game wants to keep the rolling on the ground and arguing with the referee aspect. Yay make the game even slower for me please. Thanks,

But anyways, getting back to the unwatchable aspect of the game. As I mentioned before, it seems as tho every single AI has 99 Sprint Speed and Acceleration and the stamina of 50 horses. It is such an eye sore to watch the players MOVE. Not passing or running, Moving forward or backward looks so terrible. And it is all because of that speed upgrade. The AI moves so quickly that the player dribbles 4 and 5 times just to pass the ball forward. The game is moving so quickly that the game itself does not even know which action frame it should perform. The player will randomly do 6 step overs and a pull back then a heel flick for no reason. He' so fast that you can't even get near him to begin with, so he is stuck with yards of space performing useless dribbles, all before passing the ball to his partner on the left hand side of the screen. Now I don't know about you, but that to me is just sad to watch. Forget playing the game, I can't even sit down and watch the characters MOVE!

How in the world can the programmers and directors of EA sit there and watch this disappointment of a game go further and further down hill with these patches that are supposed to FIX the game? As creators, how in the world can you accept this patch and say "Yup! That works perfectly! It really is a great addition to this game!" How can you let your creation just crash and burn at the rate it is right now. Honestly, this is really a big F U to everyone who bothers to buy FIFA for career mode. It really is. There really could not have been a bigger middle finger thrown in our faces. This patch is that middle finger!

I did not type up this post with the aim of saying "Fix FIFA 20". No. It was just to vent my disappointment. Not anger. Not rage. Disappointment. Don't fix FIFA 20. There is no fixing this game anymore. Just do better. EA is never going to stop making money. i get that. So this post is probably useless and I wasted 10 minutes of my life typing this up. However, to me it was worth it.

Do Better EA.. Do Better.


  • ArneMueller
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    I seccond that and agree their is no fixing FIFA 20, their are to many broken things and the patch 1.13 was just the last nail into the coffin of FIFA 20.

    And EA figures that we all will buy FIFA 21 anyway, perhaps the fix some of the CM bugs and then call it improvement for the new release. Its just sad
  • Morbidly_SoBeast
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    half a year post launch and fifa 20 CM is still broken.
  • I play FUT but also to career, and EA thinks that users are separated .... if this is seriousness .... next year PES ... and then again PES ....
  • cjhilll44
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    is this the same for other difficulties? The game is a joke!

    I'll dominate the early part of games but then all of a sudden my players cant string 5 yard passes together.

    I had 4 of my players around 1 of Chelsea's and it was like the AI player had a halo around it, it was impossible to make a challenge. Also as soon as I go 1-0 down in a game, there is no way of me getting back in it. The AI turn in to ninjas. You've got teams like Norwich and Burnley stringing passes around and playing tiki-taka like Barcelona!

    I tell you what if Konami ever got the rights to EFL,EPL and UCL FIFA would die in a ditch, the gameplay is shocking
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