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Horrendous gameplay

4384 posts National Call-Up
What is going on?


  • Thunder001
    606 posts An Exciting Prospect
    It's just plain mad tonight.
  • Natureboy44
    949 posts Professional
    Awful and unplayable
  • Diggy
    14157 posts Has That Special Something
    It feels like my players have no idea where the ball is half the time
  • Cmiz
    903 posts Semi-Pro
    Diggy wrote: »
    It feels like my players have no idea where the ball is half the time

  • Cmiz
    903 posts Semi-Pro
    The game is out of sync big time never played anything like it
  • Vichy360
    206 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Never been worse really !
  • jfrank
    33 posts Park Captain
    I kind of expect the messed up gameplay in rivals but I'm really suprised how bad squad battles is. I picked up Messi a few days ago and he shoots like the goalie is the target. I can't tell you how many shots have left me shocked that they went right to the goalie.

    Also, I'm disappointed that strength now seems like the most important stat. I'm having players like Messi get caught by very slow defenders and then get knocked way off the ball.
  • Recoba
    4384 posts National Call-Up
    edited February 3
  • TW1103
    1670 posts Play-Off Hero
    I was trying to get my last few WL games in. Lost 10 in a row. I think I may be done with this game.
  • Torn4do
    1037 posts Professional
    I e had to switch off during games because it’s just horrendous, passes don’t reach or go to a completely different player who is marked and loses the ball!
  • browney1888
    415 posts Sunday League Hero
    thats the worst weekend of gameplay ive ever endured on any online game

    absolute farce from ea sports in 2020
  • Pacey3_16
    2299 posts National Call-Up
    My players having been doing the moonwalk most the night
  • CustardHippo
    2430 posts Fans' Favourite
    Had a few nice games yesterday and sort of enjoyed it again. Played Rivals tonight and the gameplay was utterly pathetic. Players not moving or responding, game going hyper speed. Players morphing about. It felt like there was no control :/
  • Craftydevil
    164 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    All weekend gameplay has been terrible feels like players are running in mud definitely worst yet 😩
  • limjitwe
    7422 posts League Winner
    Last week was terrible for me. Every time I approached the opponent box, my game starts to slow down severely. Defs can’t intercept. Passes go astray. Sigh
  • Torn4do
    1037 posts Professional
    I ended up finishing WL today with 11 wins with 2 games left and I normally get 17 wins, players were horrendous, apparently I can’t aim a pass, can’t play a through ball, looks like I’ve never played before!
  • Gnomenclature
    5060 posts Big Money Move
    Completely unplayable.

    I have 2mil coins and don't feel like buying any players because they all feel exactly the same in bad gameplay. They're are all ❤️❤️❤️❤️... how people can spend money on fp when the game rarely works is beyond me.

    I swear I'm using 11 bronze goalkeepers...
  • RoosterBlue
    1317 posts Professional
    I've given up tonight 2 games where my players were moving away from the ball and barely able to run.
  • FCBlunt
    3111 posts National Call-Up
    My game messed up and crashed.

    Took it like a sign not to play.
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