Future Stars SBC’s

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Anyone know how many SBC’s we should expect during this promo? Can’t remember seeing any leaks or info.
This is another two week promo as well isn’t it?


  • ChappellRovers
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    Two week promo. I am guessing the next player is on Monday as that is when Moise Kean expires and EA never usually release player SBC’s on Sunday. Other than those assumptions I am in the dark.
  • Mossup
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    Hoping we get something better than Kean or Davies.
  • truegunn3r
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    I think it’ll be 3 FS SBC players and 2 FS objective players along with a few Moments/Flashback players. Same as Headliners
  • Bapinho
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    i dont care about future stars SBCS just give me a flashback player moments Tadic to the screamer he scored in bernabeu
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