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Mackies untradable RTG

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So every year bar last (the only time in 20 years i haven't bought fifa) i was consistently cursing myself for selling and buying etc. I did well as a trader but the perpetual decline in player values etc always got me in the end. That and the EA tax so for the last few editions i play fut as untradable only, unfortunately i packed a tradable kante (since sold) which broke my heart as a massive chelsea fan, been at games since 96. My goal each year is to get a full special Chelsea team and also usable teams for the top 5 leagues. Only got the game at Xmas so club is a little small right now but will update with screens of all my teams, i tend to use non-meta players, any questions about such will be answered as best i can.

Pics to follow.

Hopefully i get a mount/tomori this week and next but who knows ☹️


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