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I don’t get it!!!

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I completely understand that servers are poor and can make gameplay go slow, but why does it affect everything else so much?

You can’t control a simple ball, it bounces all over the place, tackles bounce to attackers etc

What else changes to make the game turn to ❤️❤️❤️❤️? Surely it should just be slower?!?


  • Staxdoobie
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    Your players aren't actually where you think they are half the time. Hence the weird bounces off of invisible walls, etc.
  • ||natch0||
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    Lag compensation makes it worse. In the old days, the game would chop alot because of the lag, now it just compensates, but increases the reaction time and button delay massively.
  • Forca-Barca
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    Why can’t they make the servers like online seasons
  • TDOF
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    because of input lag which is caused by the delay.....
  • Numberofluck27
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    You don’t get it
  • Torn4do
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    Ah ok, kind of understand it a bit more, saying the players aren’t where you see them makes some sense, especially when passing the ball and it get intercepted when they are free and open.

    Most annoying thing has to be the fact that I know if I go online now I will have a horrendous game and the only time I get a decent one is late at night when I don’t always want to play!
  • Bakudu76
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    You also wouldnt get it if some Technician explained it to you
  • kapulsky
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    Bakudu76 wrote: »
    You also wouldnt get it if some Technician explained it to you

    Of course we could not understand! We are not working in EA))))))))))))))))))))
  • BadSeedsFC
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    edited January 31
    And in about 10 minutes the FP sales are going up, up, up... A freaking vicious circle 🤷‍♂️
  • You see, mate? Now it's all about future stars, and the new objectives, and the swaps, and the academy of this and that... And when they realize that in order to complete any objectives they need to play on this unplayable servers, they will rage again... But then another promo will kick in, and Fifa Points sales will go up, up, up...

    Forking vicious circle 🤷‍♂️
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