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Just packed Goretzka on PS and he's been insta bought at 190k on there, this is the same as when i packed Rashford a few weeks back, he was insta bought until his range increased then I sold him for 60k more.

Is it a risk to do this with Goretzka and wait to see if his range is increased, as we could see a mass of cards hitting the market when Future Stars are in packs at 6 ?? where could he actually become available within his current range??


  • YMNn
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    When his range increases he will definetly be sold at a higher value then 190k, after a while he might go below like RB Aguero. Best thing to do is to wait for max buy out to increase and sell when his price tops for the first time.
  • cantonagod
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    can pick him up for 150k now
  • ItsWideRight
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    His price is going to crash even more when people start opening packs for future stars, can see his price going under 140.
  • CustardHippo
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    Will crash. 190k already seems inflated for him given the other options you can go for.
  • Dagucr
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    Yeahhhh he is getting sell now for 160k ( I got one).

    Happy for the investors losses... and happy that EA didnt rise the price
  • LahmChops
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    IMO will drop to 120ish with pack openings.
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