Impossible gameplay ever since update

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As if FIFA 20 wasn't already bad before the update with compensation lag and button delay it has gotten even worse for me since the update. At this point in FUT for me my squad is a 91 rated squad. I have 2 TOTY player (Mane and De Bruyne) amongst 92 IF Mbappe and 2 icons. I was in division 3 before the update and have some how managed to drop all the way to the borderline of division 6. I can't win a game to save my life since the gameplay is the worst that I have ever seen it this year. It is pointless to have an elite team when they feel like a complete silver squad. The only FUT mode that I have normal gameplay is online friendlies which is Peer to peer and I understand as to why. The FUT servers either are too far from where I live in Sunny Miami, FL or they are overloaded and slowing me down. I never seen my opponent with bad gameplay since their passes are laser strikes to their players. My full bar passes seems as if I simply tapped the pass button and barely make it to the other player or gets intercepted from how slow they are. I have completed had it with this game as I have done everything to get better gameplay to as far as replacing all of my hardware (PS4 pro, Sony TV, Router, Modem, ISP 2x, wires and cables, controllers, amongst tons of other settings I've read to get improved gameplay. NONE OF IT HAS WORKED! NOTHING! And now since this update the game is absolutely impossible to even play with out raging out in anger because there is noting else that I can do. I know I'm not the only one but would like if my fellow FIFA community would speak out on this issue as well to let me know that I am not the only one.

My records in online friendlies is 54 wins and 14 losses compared to my Divisional rivals and WL records which I trade wins and losses at 50% win loss ratio. What is the difference between your wins and losses in Rivals/WL and your online friendly matches?


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    The funny part is...the didn't mentioned anything in the patch notes regarding changes in connection....
    But obviously many ppl have problems since the patch
  • Absolutely awful, I'll be joining the list of ex-fifa players pretty soon, if they don't fix this mess. Playing SB is better than playing online now.
  • Brownian_Motion
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    Thunder001 wrote: »
    Absolutely awful, I'll be joining the list of ex-fifa players pretty soon, if they don't fix this mess. Playing SB is better than playing online now.

    It’s always been 😬
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    Yesterday it was unplayable for me...even my Toty Mbappè felt like a bronze card, it was ridiculous. While my opponents were flying on the delay really kills this game.
  • Honestly for me this FIFA in every online competion is just the biggest ever source for frustration, anger and ruining my days. So at this point, despite years of playing FIFA, I am seriously thinking to give up! It's too unfair! It's too painful !!! Till FIFA 18 for me it was fine, and I had been able to go up from division 10 to 2. But starting with FIFA 19 and now 20 it sounds really that somebody decides to make it impossible to go up… maybe for inducing people into… extra needs for packs or better players. I think that at this point now it looks pretty clear that software and algorythms and codes are turning against us… and ruining what was a fun game in last years. So for me it's really white flag! Defeated and I surrended!!! Good bye!
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    Same boat for me. At the point now where I have to restart my xbox 2-3 times because the "took longer to load x664ca005.... whatever it is". Menus take an age to load, disconnect from opponent message because I get stuck on the matchmaking loading screen. This after re-installing the game twice since latest update. How in this day and age EA cant make a perfectly normal working title with the funds they recoup just from the previous fifa alone is beyond me.

    Absolute joke of a company.
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