What is wrong with the game after the new update

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Before update this game was okay bt after update looks like crossbars are my best friend now wht ever i shot out of 10 shots 6 shots will hit post and 2 shots will be missed. Since yesterday i dont even win a single match every match i play either draw or in the last 88th or 91st min opponent equalize it. I am not that bad in fifa i am an average player i always stays in div 5 and 6 bt from yesterday i dropped to div 7 and i am finding very hard to defeat my opponent. Apart from the crossbar hitting in the end like from 70th min my players stopped performing. My defender sergio ramos and icon hierro cant even stopped opponent attacker like they r just standing and looking how fast they passed from them. This is rediculios. There is no fun playing anymore. Even 77 rated team will beat u like u are newbie here. :neutral: EA i know u arent listening but we pay you the money and we expect a decent game play at-least.


  • baerentoeterR
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    This Game is like a Virus mate. Best Part you can do? Just dont play it and dont waste your money for any Products from EA.
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