Wow! (vent/whine post)

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Just got my butt handed to me by a player that had 0 shots on goal the first 73 minutes of the game.
He couldn't get through my defense and i was cutting through him easily. Lobbed through balls, ground through balls, 1-2s. Some counters. But ter stegen saved every attempt (19 on goal, i'd say 10+ inside the penalty box). And i had mid dinho, litmanen and fb costa doing most of the shooting. Finess, power drives, dinks. Ter stegen was there.

The game ended 4-0 after he got 4 shots at futmas de gea between 73 and 85.

I usually dont let in that many goals, maybe 5-6 times i've let this many in.

Also, he didn't do a switch of players, so not that he outpaced scream pique and base hierro at the end, i just couldn't defend and de gea forgot he was a keeper all of a sudden.

Oh well. Nothing new in fifa, just never lost to somebody i have completely outplayed for 70 minutes, lost when i felt i was better, but nothing like this.

Anywho.. Time to play some more


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