if EA can release SBC's like moment Hazard why not release icon sbc's then ?

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Hazard SBC cost 1.4 mill that covers most of the low tier to mid tier icons like Best, Figo for example, for the top tier icons like Gullit and R9 they could've added multiple squad like triple 89s, 88s,87s squads.


  • AngryFUTplayer
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    They said something at the beginning of the game cycle about encouraging different players in your squad building tactics which is why they moved away from prime icon SBC's.
  • AngryFUTplayer
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    Personally I think icon swaps has been poorly implemented. You took away what was in theory a good concept with fut swaps last year that included a mix of objectives and sbc's to gain players for swaps, to exclusively grinding division rivals when half the people actually want the rewards and the other half couldn't care less. and yes I know you can obtain a few via squad battles but playing with a 72 rated silver squad on legendary made with efl league players it's just as grindy
  • seabo
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    They don’t want u to have big icons unless u pay them insane amounts of money. Access to them has been heavily restricted this fifa, trying to encourage more pack openings.
  • Denz
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    All part of the control. They can manage the market far more this way and keep people engaged through icon swaps, building squads with cards that aren't quite end game.
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