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People asking who is the GOAT in FIFA20?

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Look that Respect a man 17wins in FUTCHAMP B)


  • MHoney1234
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    Fair play.
  • Knowlesdinho
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    Great achievement. I was going to comment on the thread that Roger closed yesterday (rightly, so please keep this sensible).

    I used to play a lot of starcraft and I remember this guy that had a severe disability and used his mouth and one hand to play. He was inspirational considering how micro intensive starcraft is.

    I love stuff like this. I have 2 siblings with disabilities one more severe than the other. My sister dances, performs at theatres and teaches. My brother needs more support, but he has his talents too which make me smile typing this.

    Please keep it nice guys.
  • Raymondo123
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    Haven't played Weekend League on this Fifa. But on Fifa 18 out of all the WL i participated i never got more than 15 wins....
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