Submitting 5 icons for moment Hazard an overkill ?

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I have base: Drogba, Baggio, Guardiola, Lineker, Nesta and I have no use for them, in last year I could've held into them for the top tier end game icons but this year there is no icon SBC's so Im looking to dump them into an SBC. Should I hold into them for a better player sbc like possible POTM Neymar or just dump them into Hazard.


  • TheTataGuy
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    Would wait for neymar then
  • AngryFUTplayer
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    I would say wait if only for the reason that hazard is available indefinitely and you can get him at any point. I'm definitely going to add him to my team but I was also waiting to see about a player-of-the-month Neymar or mbappe before I dumped all my big untradeable players. That hazard is near tots level though so not a terrible sbc if you plan on using him all year
  • Yes.

    Yes it's overkill
  • Barresh
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    There will probably be a mid-Icon pack soon, save it for that if you have no use for those icons
  • CaTriEm
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    If you're not going to use them then they're just SBC fodder, doesn't matter if they're Icons.

    Just make sure to pick an SBC player you're certain you want.
  • Mr_Matchup1
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    Barresh wrote: »
    There will probably be a mid-Icon pack soon, save it for that if you have no use for those icons

    Don't do it, at least with hazard you know your getting a good card, mid icon sbc is likely to give you another dud icon that you won't use
  • If they're of no use to you at all then you might as well use them as fodder (so annoying that unwanted untradeable icons are now just fodder based on their rating but guess that's for a different thread!)

    The only thing I would say is make sure you definitely want Hazard as he is a very expensive commitment. Don't do him just because you want rid of the icons, there will be plenty of other SBCs in the future that you can make use of them in.
  • Mr_Matchup1
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    I put two icons into futmas mendy just because I knew I wouldn't use them
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