Deli Alli headliner part 2 SBC

I would like to know what compensation is due to me as I have complained to EA on the telephone and they have directed me here. I was pushed from pillar to post trying to resolve issue with completing second part of challenge and although I fulfilled all requirements for challenge I got a connection error when submitting it. Everything else worked fine. I spent tireless hours trying to resolve and eventually had to put a different player in of more value for this to be accepted. This is not on, and I want some sort of compensation please


  • ChappellRovers
    3069 posts National Call-Up
    I doubt we will get any compensation if we ended up completing it (which I did) for an increased price. I was told by EA help I wouldn’t get compensation, just my players back, if I failed to complete it due to the formation bug.
  • Gingerboaby83
    319 posts Sunday League Hero
    Just persevere with it. Try to get 100 chemistry on the sbc. Use players from same nation, league or even club to do it.
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