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Best formation to score crosses

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For objective please


  • V l u m s d e n
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    I used 4222, mini tip though just message ya opponent and say you will allow them the win if they allow goals. I got it done with ease 😉
  • CustardHippo
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    424 wingers stay wide get in behind and then both STs in stay forward get in behind. Get the ball in down the wing and then low driven crosses - you have two STs running into the box to hit.

    Can put CMs in get forward too.

  • DaMMian
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    edited January 26
    I did it by playing formation 442, I tried to escape the side defender with a fast wingman and centre strongly on the ground
  • Nodge86
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    Any formation that includes messaging your opponent to swap crosses.
  • Just message oppent saying you'll gift win if he let's you score 4 crosses. I done it with some guy last night, it works on any objective that don't require a win.
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