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How is everyone finding? I didn’t do him personally but played against him alot and he either gets marked out the game by mendy or with a decent player everytime he gets through he hits the gk or puts it wide. I probably would of done him if i dodnt already have moments silva (whom im still in love with after three weekends) his finishing just seems so poor and was wondering how others were finding him


  • Boysie91
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    All pace can't finish as it takes him 10 mins to power up his shot.
  • tommyboyo
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    Also did not do him.

    He is not good against me though.

    Finishing amongst the worst I have seen.

    No real threat, although does break through now and again.

    Composure too low.
  • JoyW
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    Headless chicken
  • Waldog94
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    Thought so just seems like a worse kent for me
  • Retropoe82
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    Ostrich trying to fly
  • Covkilla91mob
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    Just a pace merchant and very boring player to use now
  • Unparalleled
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  • aladdin
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    have come against me non stop this WL but he hasn’t caused much trouble
  • cheeseyrust
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    Complete waste dont do the SBC , everything is false about the card and EA should be fined for false advertising a player.
    I dont care what anyone says about him he is utter garbage , 99 pace no gets caught by Pique , 99 acceleration no gets put to shame by Digne.
    People say its his agility etc yet there in the 90s all of them.
    The game is fixing matches so people spend as they know their time is up and will have to stop packs for money.
  • Tornado31619
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    Sounds like the guy IRL before this season.
  • player
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    I just tell you,when you see the loading screen and you see him there in the right corner,im sure you are not happy.
    He is meaby little clunky,dribling is not the best,but he make things happen.
    Ultimate sweat
  • Seandimes
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    People are just using him wrong. Most times in play against him, people just try and pace down the wing. Doesn't work in this game, not even Toty Mane is fast enough for that.
    If you use his dribbling and strength to your advantage, he is class. Very hard to get off the ball, and if he gets in behind the defense, nobody is catching him.
    His shooting is average, your best bet is to smash it near post. Wf is an issue, though sometimes you can use it to your advantage.
    I'd say he is a great supersub, and a very good LM/RM option for an average team
  • Numlocked_
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    I did him but now am very bummed I did not do moments Silva! Adama is fast but thats it. Finishing is off, passing is meh
  • Grahammbe2
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    99 pace and getting caught by big defenders in the odd game ?
  • Tboon
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    Hes my super sub and nobody can catch him. So many games he saved me this weekend. Very glad I did his sbc.
  • Hammer316
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    Yeah the pace on him is a fraud. I didn't do the card but I've between catching him in WL easily.
  • DannySTFC
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    I didn’t like him at first but now he’s absolutely vital to my team.

    I’ve been struggling with formations so I tried 532 this weekend with my wing backs on get forwards. Adama on the right and TOTY Robertson on the left. Opponents don’t expect that late run from the wing backs so if you play it into space for him to run onto he’s very hard to catch.

    Also in that position his worst two stats (finishing and weak foot) are irrelevant. He’s not RW or RF so doesn’t get into many goal scoring positions, Just flying up and down that right wing. Seems to lose stamina quickly which I’m finding is his only downside in this strategy.
  • player
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    Grahammbe2 wrote: »
    99 pace and getting caught by big defenders in the odd game ?
    He’s getting caught only if you are up by two goals and more,but this is nothing to do with the card.
    This is like the game work,sadly.
  • number7rocky
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    Not good as a starter, but decent of the bench against tired defenders secondhalf especially if your opponent is pushing forward.
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