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web app glitch

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theres a problem with the web app im trading players and bought 82 bailey lw b.leverkusen it shows to amount ive paid its says congratulations you won this item for 1,200 coins but below that when i go to relist it says ive bought it for 4,400 coins.the thing is im just bidding trying to make a profit but what price do i trust do i trust that i think i bought it for 1,200 or did i make a mistake bid of 4,400 (because of the sync lag) and take a risk of losing money (around about 2,000 coins ).CONFUSED


  • warpig
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    update on previous glitch its ok now but this is stupid it should be sorted i could have lost around 2,000 coins if the app didnt sync properly thats about a hours work on the console match wise
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