The continuous destruction of Career Mode

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For years I have been buying the new FIFA as a standard, because I love football and FIFA offers me the most realistic football game with the licenses. I am one of the players who stick to Career Mode and do not look at Ultimate Team and I also see that support for Career Mode has drastically decreased in recent years.
Since the arrival of Ultimate Team, Career Mode is no longer the most important mode for developers, and that becomes more painfully clear every year.

It started this year with the dramatic launch of Career Mode. That there are new errors at all in a mode that is not touched ?! The most bizarre is that career mode players accept all of this. We can rightly say that Career Mode players are extremely loyal. When will this loyalty be rewarded?

There are functions in old career modes that unfold in the new variant. I think that's really incredible. When can we finally enlarge the stadium of a club? Road To Glory is one of the most popular ways to play career mode, isn't that just part of it?
When will we finally get the option to adjust out shirts? Adjust nets of goals in more detail? Adjust the appearance of players in your club? When will dynamic weather come? When will there finally be noticeable and visible differences between clubs such as Manchester City and Crystal Palace? When will we finally be released from the monotonous game that the AI ​​offers?

Almost immediately after the release of FIFA 20, there were complaints about the ultimate difficulty of FIFA 20. The game was simply too easy. After some tweaks and sliders that the community came up with, the difficulty is okay. Now you have decided to completely change the ultimate difficulty. Which means that every club plays the same and feels enormously overpowered. Giving each player +15 attributes is not an adjustment to a difficulty level, it is destroying a difficulty level.

I may not be the best fifa player, but ultimate was great for me. Now I can no longer play a normal game on ultimate. That doesn't have to be a problem if legendary was a challenge. But the difference between legendary and ultimate is so bizarre that I win either with 5-0 (legendary) or with 5-0 (ultimate). The pleasure is just gone. With me many other players fall into a skill gap. A skill gap that makes sure that I just don't want to play this game anymore. Get the old ultimate back and place the new one as a master version. That is the solution. Do it.


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    secand that
  • dude, the same here. WTF is going on?¿EA does not respect anybody? Is a shame, I can't play for a week because of the ❤️❤️❤️❤️ update
  • the only thing I have to to add is that I have....nothing to add.
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    They want a future without offline players, where everyone is hooked to the Ultimate Team cash cow.
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    They want a future without offline players, where everyone is hooked to the Ultimate Team cash cow.

    Yeah, there just seem to be a lot of folks who aren’t attracted to that. It’s a big, relatively silent crowd, I’d imagine. EA: You’ll simply lose us.
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    They want a future without offline players, where everyone is hooked to the Ultimate Team cash cow.

    let's just hope that governments around the world start banning loot boxes or "surprise mechanics". if you can contact politicians in your local area, do it and let them know how you feel about the issue. get your family members to do it, especially the boomers, they're very good at whining and throwing tantrums about stuff like this.
  • YES! Exactly that! And don't feel that you lack of ability, not even the best player would cope with this new patch. Dude, I consider myself a pretty fair player. If I play online, I always get into the FIFA rank and that stuff, so no noob here. I can assure you, this difficulty is rather impossible and unreal. They never miss, they get all your players, no mater the pace, etc. Is insane...
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    agreed, ive playing fifa for years and mistake is punished, most real life games if you have five shots, you probably get two or three on target and two misses, not five goals.

    similarly every collision seems to go the CPU WAY, no matter how much i hold down L2 (ON PS4).

    Stamina too. my players are out on their feet at the end of a game, yet the cpu player all have bars over 75% full.

    @EA_Andy @EA_Rtas @EA_Lanna @EA_DarDar @EA_Cian , could one if not all refer this to the game developers and sort out? we pay good money for this game and shoudnt be getting ridiculous outcomes.
    similar the championship is the toughest league in the world, just look at the real life table, rarely do teams run away with the league losing only one or two matches
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    It’s sad how we just know nothing will change. I used to play FIFA everyday, now i havent played since i wrote this topic...
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