Golden goat

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Is it safe to assume that if you play someone who has already the Tifo Golden goat it means he's probably often top 100 or Elite 1 ?

If I am not mistaken it is 500 WL wins. There must have been around 18 WL so far I'd assume, with the game out in mid September.

This would mean that they get 28 wins on average IF they played all 18 WL.

Am I correct ? I'm wondering coz my first two games of WL yesterday morning before going to work I played 2 golden goat tifos, my 2 first games, and they did not seem at all to have that kind of level. I defeated one 4-1, although such a big win was not really deserved, and was tied 1-1 at the 70th before having a red card due to a fake shot transforming into a tackle by one of my strikers (^^). And I am a gold 2 player.

Anything I am missing ? I would not have two games like that against players who achieved an average of 28 wins in EACH of the WL this season.


  • dittore
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    Only 300 wins. I have it and my best finish was Elite 2. But it's safe to assume it's a good player for sure.
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