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Orsic Creative Crosser Objective help

26 posts Last Pick at the Park

I can’t get this to work. I’ve crossed and scored 2 bicycle kicks and some other volleys using the square button but I’m still at 0/4.
Any advice appreciated.


  • Honestly no idea, I'm having no issues with this objective but I had major issues getting the chip shot objective from this season's week 1 gold registering. Scored loads before it eventually went through.

    Think there's something really stupid going on in the background with some objectives that EA need to take a proper look into.
  • Matt_Cornwall
    3529 posts National Call-Up
    I just kept spamming low driven crosses and it seemed to work
  • I take back saying I'm having no issues with this as it turns out I have. Thought I had done 3 but only 1 had registered. I must not have checked properly.

    I now have 2. It appears the only way I can get them to register is if I play a normal cross from open play and score with the first touch. It also seems you can't let the ball bounce.

    It's totally stupid how some of these objectives work.

    Hope this helps anyway.
  • Seandimes
    2947 posts National Call-Up
    Yea you have to score on first touch for the objective to register. Took me 6 matches to get it done, funny enough 3 of the 4 crossing goals came in the last game
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