1630 to 1170 in Rivals in 12 hours.

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So today I had the day off with no missus and no kids. Perfect occasion to play some Fifa quietly.

Woke up at 1630 skill rating, 70 away from Div 2. Had done well last night, going from 1550 to 1630.

From the very first game this morning, my players are just slow, they cant sprint. They simply don't accelerate, it litterally feels like my r2 button is broken, I even changed controller tonight.

Played probably 20 games. I am now playing opponents 450 below what I was last night and I had to quit my last two games, losing 4-0 the first one after 19 minutes, 3 goals from Plea (maybe the guy is on this forum ?), and losing 6-2 the last one at the 60th, was 2-1 up in the beginning before conceding 5 times. They are guys around 1200 and I am now below that, at 1171. Almost 500 points gone in a day.

Had the same happening to me last two WL, both times after 10 or 11 games, and after WL suddenly team became normal again.

My players just can't outpace anyone. Works both ways. I cant catch attackers with my defenders and I cant outpace defenders when I am attacking. TOTY Mbappe and Eusebio feel so heavy and slow. They are outpaced by guys like Guardiola or Sissoko. None of them was able to outpace any one during the whole day.

My players are not making runs etc., team is not playing, but really the main concern is playing as if I had no r2, that's how slow all of my players are.

Checked my internet, rebooted the rooter, everything is perfect, have a huge 1 gb connection dwl at 100 mgb sec.

Can anything be done during these periods other than not play ?

I am SICK of having to go through this bs every week now over the last 3 weeks. Already had that in FIFA 19, suddenly for some time the team stops playing.

I am going to try and record some games tomorrow to just show the ridiculous bs that this is to have all of his players outpaced by the entire opposing team. It's absolutely obvious from the very first second.
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