See no difference between players in div 3 and div 5

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So I am currently having one of these periods during which you can't play. Players dont move, are slower than ever, no runs, team basically decides not to play, which happens every so often (to me at least).

So I shoot like 3 times in each game, and none of my TOTY or Eusebio are able to outpace any defender. I just was completely outpaced with Toty Mbappe by base Guardiola. Very logical.

You know, the kind of periods during which you'd like to break your ps4 for ever, but you don't as you just expect it to become normal again at some point.

Anyway, was in Div 3 for weeks, between 1500 and 1600.

Yesterday night I switched formation and went from 41212-2 to 442. Went great for the 6 games I played. Was at 1630 points last night. Players were making great runs, and both my CM's were so present and all over the pitch. This morning, it was gone and the mud show started. Had the day off today and played I dont know how many games, probably 15 or so.

So I am now at like 1250 and playing div 4 - 5 players. They beat me exactly like the ones in div 3 (maybe even some in DIV 2 at 1630 points) did. Still got like 12 shots to my 4 and I'm losing 3-1, like I was in the upper div 3.

Honestly don't find any differences between them when my team plays like that.


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    No difference in div 5 and div 7 either. I shuffle between them and haven’t noticed any.

    Relegators with crazy squads and still grinding for objective players(sometimes begging for a win before bringing out their big guns as subs). Pathetic, i feel sorry for them.

    Divisions/skill rating/match making all messed up.
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