The latest Title Update for FIFA 20 is now available on PC and includes the changes listed here.

A question??

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Dear EA . when you create a patch , do you work as a team ? Or you just give tasks to different groups? , I don’t understand , this Is a 5th or 6th patch , the game is almost done , and the lag is too bad . new update after 5 months of release and tons of feedback , and you come out only with boost dribbling and make 1 on 1 easier, in the other hand , passing is nerfed , players like headless chicken don’t know what they do stuck in the mud . I don’t have to sell and buy a new team ever 6 weeks because you guys don’t work as one team. Please find a balance in the game .
Need to be fixed
1-lower the number of animations, this is so important for game play response.
2-invest some money on new and more servers.
3-balance out the game , not everyone like to catch the ball and dribble to the other end , make us have verity in our game play , make all formation usable
4- remove the Chemistry thing , I have tons of very enjoyable players I would like to put them together.
Please EA we spend money on your game

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