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make me a moderator

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what about having fifa pro clubs moderators people who actually play pro clubs drop ins and club matches (dedicated fifa pro clubs players) work for ea.these moderators could send in bug reports,game issues and send in reports on players that are there to mess up other peoples games (time)ea in return needs to support those moderators announce that there will be moderators in matches,maybe a badge to notify that some one is a moderator and maybe (FM - by their name _Fifa Moderator).


  • Would never work. Just find a club to play in and avoid drop-ins.
  • warpig
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    yep you right there bro but i'm fed up of in squad squabbles and waiting on other players to join they need to do something.On fight night on xbox (with ea access app)you can rate the fight experience at the end of the fight something like that would be good then at least they would have the option to split all the 5 star(good) players and all the players who want to time waste
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