Connectivity issue

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game is unplayable for me (rivals) feels like 300+ ping sometimes my players is not responding, anyone have same problem for me for 3-4 days ?


  • baerentoeterR
    183 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    EA cant fix the Servers. Making Millions of Euro but cant fix the Servers. Not your fault.
  • DVU
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    I mostly just play squad battles, but even then the servers have been so bad for me the last few days that i dont feel like playing. Ive got players that feel like they are fighting me and want to go their own direction regardless of my controler inputs, simple passes over hit, skill moves not registering. Its not fun at all.

    Strangely it was fine when the weekend league was running and i would expect some knock on effect for everyone else.

    Take the money i, and millions of others, give you and fix the damn servers.
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