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Anybody Else Frustrated with Passing in this Game...?

I feel like it's not talked about enough.
How many people were complaining about passing last year and why was it adjusted so aggressively?


  • Roc_Xel
    1063 posts Professional
    Yeah passing is poor.

    Passing when not facing the person you pass it to should be less efficient but should not make 3y weak passes made by grandmas.

    The biggest concern being probably the number of passes going to the wrong players. When one of my guy is offside, the ball will always be sent to him eventhough I am aiming at the opposite direction. They just love changing the passing direction if it can reach a guy offside.
  • Gromit
    4088 posts National Call-Up
    Seems MOSTLY ok to me, from what I see most of it is by design rather than flaw and tbh its probably for the better. People really shouldn't be achieving 90+ pass accuracy unless they play super slow and cautious.

    I played a guy last night that had a defence of 4 fullbacks and the other 6 outfield were all attackers. He achieved 91% pass accuracy, given that attackers and fullbacks generally have low passing stats in this game, it sounds like passing is still too OP.
  • silverdale10
    1518 posts Play-Off Hero
    Generally it's OK, I'm usually around 90% but balls out of defence when I'm under pressure is a joke. 84+ defenders ought to be able to play a simple ball to a CDM and not give it straight back to the attacker.
    Build up play is fine unless I'm lagging or up against a connection throttler. Through balls can be very hit an miss. Squad Battles is another issue altogether, almost impossible to make a pass inside the box.
  • ItsWideRight
    925 posts Professional
    keeping the ball is easy but attacking passing to create chances is the worst of any football game i have ever played.

    I think its not just the passing though player movement is also terrible so those things combined make passing terrible.

    Give me ping pong passing over this any day of the week atleast that way things might actually happen in a match other than nothing.
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