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something new for next year

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a pro clubs player portfolio where it tracks pro clubs progress over the years with stats like number of matches,goals,tackles etc plus info on how many drop ins and how many clubs matches you've played,how many clubs you been in etc.a year by year record i have been told that there is no way of checking how many matches you have played over the years (if you can find out will you please let me know how).this portfolio should be made private/non private by the account holders so if you wanted it stay non visible by public you have the option to please feel free to add your ideas to this


  • Pwalie86
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    They're only just about getting round to sorting out career mode, so Pro Clubs is really low on priorities I guess at the moment.

    I don't play Pro Clubs, but EA should address issues and give better updates to give the game a good balance across all the modes.
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