The latest Title Update for FIFA 20 is now available on Console & on PC and includes the changes listed here.

Title update 10 and pro clubs not even mentioned

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@EA_Darko @EA_Cade congratulations, nice job from EA.

A disastrous season and for the N time, title update with NO pro clubs content (improvements or bug fixes).



  • Dunkirk
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    won’t be surprised if they just remove it from the game altogether next year. they don’t give a f-ck about clubs since it brings in zero $. It certainly could....a lot of it too...since its the best game mode...but UT does that for them in spades.
  • They should add a "battle pass fortnite style" and real life player skins.Ea wants people who play clubs to stop and start playing fut.An online player wont go to an offline mode(career) but to an online(fut).Thats why they fix career but not clubs.
  • MarioBamba
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    Patch #11, no pro clubs mentioned.

    Shame on EA, really. I'm sick of it, you'll never see my money again.
  • I'm with all of you guys! It's a joke!
  • Don't know why we are surprised at this point. They couldn't care about proclubs, just the money maker that is FUT. Hopefully the law suit going on against EA in France takes off and their lottery system is exposed.
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