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Fb Sanchez

2309 posts National Call-Up
Any reviews on him yet seems pretty cheap is worth doing?


  • Covkilla91mob
    1737 posts Play-Off Hero
    He's ok only played a few with him atm seems wierd off ball tho but can't say he feels good or bad just yet.
  • Maro6590
    917 posts Professional
    Just use him as an supersub and Played 4 Games so far.
    I bring him on After 70 Minutes and he scored he 5 in WL. He Saved my ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 2 times with Last Minute screamers
  • Empyrium7
    3376 posts National Call-Up
    edited January 18
    His ball control is great and he slips through defenders. Didn't take many shots to judge his shooting.

    It's not expensive if you compare him to other leagues top wingers
  • Maro6590
    917 posts Professional
    Only letdown is His stamina.

    He feels very agile on the Ball compared to His Stats
  • Fifapayne
    1263 posts Professional
    LAM so far so good.
    Has a nice shot
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