IF Delaney appreciation thread

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How many of you are still rocking this card on the midfield? He was the first IF I bought on this Fifa, and something tells me that, if he doesn't get another special card, he's going to stay on my 11 till the end of the cicle. What a marvelous beast. With a Shadow card he's solid as a rock. I finally got him on full Chem next to Futmas Acuña on my defensive midfield (with the necessary D pad change) and I think that I have found a competitive midfield for Fifa 20. I was stubborn on trying to build a midfield with just one defensive midfielder. But this year's gameplay seems to be designed to use two CDM's if you want a chance against the low depth / fast build up play. At least if you want to play possession football.


  • Hibee
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    Used him loads early in game. Was excellent in fairness. I imagine him and CDM Kimmich would be a nice balance in midfield together,
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