FUT is evil

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Lobbed through ball assist with Eresdivisie player objective is evil. Players watching full replays of my own goals instead of letting me score lobbed assist are evil.

I believe my life would be better if I was not addicted to FUT. Where is the nearest detox center ?


  • HardysPatch
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    The nearest detox centre is the power switch on your console..
  • Airmax6
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    Hello, i'm here to help you.
    If you really want to get over your addiction here is the best thing to do :
    Use all your coins on sbc upgrades, be it leagues or whatever. Open packs; repeat. Now you are feeling the grind and you are in a good mood. You should record the following process:
    Discard all your untradeables one by one, celebrate their stats.
    Delete your club. Delete the game.
  • xxFifaLegendxxx
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    If it's frustrating you that much then just leave it, you're not going to use a CAM with a 2 star weak foot much anyway. I'm just going to throw him in an SBC personally
  • Mmandras
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    The nearest detox centre is the power switch on your console..

    Fixed. Played Zelda Link's Awakening for the evening, nothing to grind for... so relaxing.

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