Positioning according to the game is wrong!

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When i play as a midfielder i seldomly get bad stats for my positionig on the field. But when playing as a winger i constantly get punished for not staying at the side, for example as a right winger. I checked why, if im just bad positioning my player as a winger opposed to as a right midfielder, but i noticed the game see my right winger as being in the wrong place even if im in the box during a corner kick ,so the game makes that a minus the stats, which is very harsh to say the least. Seems this kind of programming to the game was made very sloppy...


  • When I played as LW , sometimes the game changed me to RW automatically.
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    It keep changing my position aswell. I mostly play RM (right midfield) even though the player is initially a forward, but whenever theres a goal and we restart in the middle of the field, the game either put my player in the RM. LM or MM position... And I believe theres a problem with how this game is made, since first you have to create a player and at the same time decide his role on the field (and his position), then enter a game where you may be forced to pick a different position (because yours is taken) and then the captain ingame might change your players position (without telling you), and all off this might confuse the game... Id advise AE Sports to simplify all of this and just let players to choose the position a single time and thats when we enter a game and not before...
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