Need some team help

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I’ve got 800k available

I play 4222 or 4231

Need two players

I need a LAM and RAM and/or striker

My current team is

Van der sar
Potm Taa gomez Capita futmas mendy
91 zz kante
Messi 91 pele

Who can I get with my budget that will a) improve and b) be fun to play with

Don’t know if I want to try 89 drog and sbc Kent and play 4222 or get two players to fill the other spots and play pele and Messi up top

I feel the lack of a stronger guy up top with some height can get me in trouble some games when I want to launch a ball up field in tight games and also having Messi and pele they get bullied at times even though both are immense and Messi is the best player I’ve used all year

I’ve tried Zz at cam and didn’t really enjoy him but at cdm I’m balanced he’s very good so not gonna change that

Any other ideas welcome

Ps all untradeable so can’t sell anyone

Pps I’m gold 2/1 player and got close to elite 3 a lot but never quite made it
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