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pics showing different to players card

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im on the web app and every now and again the info cards are not syncing with the players (i was on player called vakanen but it was showing a pic of some one different) some sort of sync problem


  • Retro1989
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    Thanks for the report Warpig! I'll forward it onto the Fifa team.
  • warpig
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    yep something defo a'int right i'm on pulisic and it showing wendt in the right hand side info panel and when i select another player stambouli it shows a totally different person in the info panel its doing it for all the transfer list i select a player in the transfer market and its showing a different player all the time,im a bit confused because i don't know who i'm bidding on it used to happen with consumables i would have a hawk selected and it would show something different
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