Match Thread Rules, Template and Resources.

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Match Thread Rules

In regards to the Match Thread section, please be aware of the following rules specifically to this section.

- Match threads should follow the template that has been given. Threads that don't may be removed.

-Threads should follow the name structure given. Any thread that don't have suitable titles will be removed.

-We also ask that when you create thread, you use the images from the website provided for the badges. This is as they will all be the appropriate size and will stop any posts with huge badges. However, if the badge you are looking for is not on the website, feel free to find it elsewhere but please resize it to 150x150. A simple way is to resize it using this website and uploading it to an image hosting site.

-Please don't update the title with the goals and goalscorers during the match. This is due to some people who may have recorded the match and are browsing the forum and see the score. However, please always keep the original post updated with the goals, goalscorers and red cards, this makes it easy for people who may not be watching the game to keep updated with the game.

-Threads will be given to people in a 'first come, first served' basis, however, if agreements are made for a certain person to create the thread prior to the game, they may do so.

-Threads can only be made 1 hour prior to the game, which is when the line-ups are announced. This is to stop people creating threads weeks in advance to make sure they get them. However, for matches such as cup finals, threads can be created 72 hours (3 days precisely) in advance.

We would also like to reiterate that trolling/flaming/baiting is not allowed and that you should not under any circumstances posts links to illegal steaming sites.

All basic EA forum rules also apply, and can be found here.
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    Match Thread Template

    Please follow this template if you are to going to make a match thread, deleting the stuff in brackets and replacing it with the relevant information.

    The title of the match thread should follow the template of;

    Home Team vs Away Team - Competition - Kick Off Time
    [center][img](Home team crest image url; see resources)[/img] vs [img](Away team crest image url; see resources)[/img]
    [b]MATCH INFO[/b]
    [b]VENUE:[/b] (Stadium name), (City)
    [b]DATE:[/b] (The date of the match) 
    [b]UK COVERAGE:[/b] (Channel it is shown in the UK)
    [b]OTHER COVERAGE:[/b] [url="(link to livesoccertv link; see resources)"]HERE [/url]
    [b]REFEREE:[/b] (Referee's name; see resources if not known)
    Starting line-ups:
    [b](Home Team) (Formation):[/b] (Home Team's Starting Line-Up)
    [b](Subs):[/b] (Home Team's Subs)
    [b](AwayTeam) (Formation):[/b] (Away Team's Starting Line-Up)
    [b](Subs):[/b] (Away Team's Subs)
    [b]Current Score:[/b] (Home Team) (Goals scored) ((Goal Scorers)) - (Away Team) (Goals scored) ((Goal Scorers))

    Following the above template, an example using Aston Villa vs West Brom from 3rd March 2015 would lead to this

    Aston Villa vs West Bromwich Albion - Barclays Premiership KO: 19:45
    aston-villa.png?w=150&h=150 vs west-bromwich-albion-hd-logo.png?w=150&h=150
    VENUE: Villa Park, Birmingham
    DATE: 03/03/2015
    REFEREE: Jonathan Moss

    Starting Line-Ups-

    Aston Villa (4-3-1-2): Guzan, Hutton, Okore, Clark, Lowton, Westwood, Delph, Cleverley, N’Zogbia, Benteke, Agbonlahor
    Subs: Given, Bacuna, Sinclair, Sanchez, Gil, Grealish, Weimann

    West Brom (4-4-2): Foster, Dawson, McAuley, Lescott, Brunt, Morrison, Yacob, Fletcher, Gardner, Ideye, Berahino
    Subs: Myhill, Wisdom, Pocognoli, Olsson, Baird, Mulumbu, Sessegnon

    Current Score: Aston Villa 2 (Agbonlahor, Benteke pen) - 1 West Brom (Berahino)
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    Match Thread Resources

    Creating a match thread and need to fill out the template? Here should be all the information you need


    Here is a simple website with all the badges you should need. Please not that you should copy the image url of the image when you see it in the list with the other badges, and not the url of the image when you click on the badge. If you enlarge the image and then copy the image url, you will get a much larger image instead.

    If you cannot find the one image you are looking for, please try and use an image of 150x150 so that is will be of the same size as the ones in from that website. To resize with ease, use this site, and then upload to an image hosting site.


    Several sites can be used to find the line-ups, however these are the suggested sites

    The Club's Official Twitter Account

    Other Coverage

    To link on where to watch from several countries on one site, navigate to the correct game using THIS site.


    If you are unsure on who is refereeing the game, these sites should be able to tell you if they are. If not, feel free to just remove the referee line in the OP.

    Premiership Games
    Other Games

    Goal Updates/Scorers

    If you for whatever need to find out the score or who scored during the game, the following website should be simple enough to find out.

    SkySports Score Centre
    BBC Football
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